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It's -3 outside with a windchill of -21. Finished smoking up some chicken for dinner using some of MaxQ's Kicked Up Chicken Rub and a couple small chunks of apple wood. Smoker had no problem whatsoever getting up to temp and staying there. Just put in a couple of pork butts for tomorrow, one with MaxQ's Butt Rub and the other with some TSS Honey Bullet. Smoking away with some pecan at 230. Later on, I'll be nice and warm in my bed knowing my Cookshack will just keep on chugging along throughout the night.

What a fabulous smoker!
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
Just pulled the putts out of the smoker and I must say, the butt with MaxQ's butt rub is probably the tastiest, crunchiest bark I've ever had. Wow! Chris, what are the chances you'd part with that recipe? Cool

Wow...thanks for the compliment!

I'll include the recipe with the remainder of goodies I promised you. I'll also post it on the forum for anyone else that might wish to try it. Hang tough Andy...I promise to get that box out next week Wink
Ah, don't worry about it, you've been more than generous. Who else got over 5lbs of rub in the exchange? And BTW, your chicken rub, that I had for dinner yesterday, was killer as well. Dare I say as good as, or perhaps even better than the Cookshack chicken rub. Eeker

Which brings me to a question, why is almost every single chicken rub I've tried spicy? I like it spicy, but just curious.
AndyJ I'm right with you on the amazing Cookshack smoker. We just smoked a meat loaf today. It was -3 also. When I put that poor meat loaf into that cold smoker, I had the probe in the meat. The probe read 51* and the smoker temp read 18* I don't know if the smoker thermometer is designed to read accurately at those frigid temps. I turned the unit on and in a few minutes smoke is coming out and the smoker inside is at 250*. The cold weather does not bother the Cookshack. It may take at little longer to heat up, but it's not a problem. Did I say I love my Cookshack?

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