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This is part of what I'm writing for Brisket 202, Advanced Brisket.

So, your brisket hits 195 and that guarantees it's ready to pull, right?


A number of times we get comments about thermometer temps being off or the brisket wasn't done, that type of thing.

Use the tools as a starting point, but to get your consistency up, try this.

When you hit your target temp, then CHECK the brisket (or PB or whatever).

Use a probe (the temp probe is hot, you can use it with a gloved hand) or just take another probe and do the "poke and prod" test

Poke the probe into the meat. Feel any resistance? Try several areas to see if it's right. It should almost feel like putting the probe into butter.

Little resistance, but just a little.

Then when you slice it, eat it, remember how it felt. Is the tenderness to your liking? Great, remember that.

If it wasn't then the next time you probe you want to feel even LESS resistance.

A little practice, you'll get to where you don't go on target temp but the "feel" of the meat itself
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