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My second brisket�.Superbowl Sunday

I started off with an untrimmed brisket weighing 8.37 lb. I washed it off then patted it dry. I then dry rubbed it starting with a generous dusting of Cayenne Pepper, followed by a light dusting of Garlic Powder, followed by a heavy application of OBIE-CUES Gatorbreath Rub. (This rub won the �Best Rub on the Planet� award in 1999, you can buy it is 5 qt. wide mouth jugs at
I added @ 6oz. of Mesquite in the smoker box. I initially thought it was 8 oz. and SmokinOkie questioned that saying it was too much. So I weighed a similar amount after the fact and it was closer to 6 oz. I used one large chunk and several smaller chunks and that made a little more sense.
I put the meat in my ST at 7:30 PM and inserted an electronic thermometer (NexxTech� Remote Barbeque Thermometer, $16.00 from Circuit City online) in the thickest part of the brisket. The internal temperature at the time I placed the brisket in the cooker was 44˚. I set the ST for 225˚. The brisket did touch the sides of the cooker at each end, but would eventually shrink up some.
Some of the brisket temps and times checked:
9:15 PM 110˚
11:00 PM 146˚
7:30 AM 176˚
8:15 AM 178˚ This is the first time that I opened the ST! The brisket had a great bark at this point. I do have pictures, which I will post.
At 8:15 AM I placed the brisket in heavy duty foil and poured in a half can (8 oz.) of Swanson Beef Broth. I then wrapped the brisket solidly but not real tight.
I then placed the brisket in my kitchen oven at a temp of 225˚ at @ 8:30AM. (It was time to cook the 6 slabs of ribs in the ST, I�ll get to them in another post)
11:10 AM 181˚
3:00 PM 190˚ At this point I turned the heat off in the oven and just let the brisket be.
At approximately 5:30 PM I removed the brisket from the oven and unwrapped it. There were plenty of juices in the foil. I put the brisket on the cutting board and it was still quite hot. I then cut the brisket in half separating the flat from the deckle. I trimmed away all of the fat and split the deckle. At this point I had three pieces of meat.
This is where it gets good.
There were five adults and one 10 yr old at my house. I sliced the brisket using a good sharp knife, not an electric knife. The slices were about the thickness of a pencil. At no point did I weigh what was left after trimming. Anyway, the six of us just started picking at the brisket as I was slicing and within 10 minutes it was completely gone!
At first I was saying, �Slow down� since we had potato salad and coleslaw and beans too. Well I just laughed because it was so damn good and I was eating too.
I only took pictures of the whole brisket never after the slicing�.ha-ha�..I will attempt to post them.

I made what I would consider the best brisket I have ever eaten. The other 4 adults agreed. Thanks to Cookshack forum and Obie-Cue.

I did have issues with my ribs which I will get to in another post.

I am going to put on three briskets for Daytona Sunday!
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Tony76248, sounds great!!! I had a perfect success with my 12lb brisket in my ST last 4th of July. I wanted to pick up a small flat for this past weekend and smoke before the snow storm hit us. Never did get to the store, but the snow storm hit the eastern shore (Maryland) and dumped 8 to 10 inches on us. Spent part of the day driving my son's ATV and shoveling. Never did get around to that flat. Maybe next weekend. Can't wait to see the pictures.


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