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In the shopping cart, (once you've put the items in your cart and you're viewing what's in there), and you're in the cart, if you scroll down to the bottom, it will show the Subtotal, and then Shipping, which will say "Select your shipping method next"
and then Tax.

Below the tax field is the field that you enter your Coupon Code in, and then you hit "Update Cart" and once you've done that, you can "Checkout Now".

Hope that helps!

For the folks thinking ,and usually concerned about shipping being the major cost,this is a real deal.

I won't even get into how many comp teams,vendors,caterers,restaurants, use these gallons- under their own name.

I have toured the plant and they send folks out to buy up the oldest bottles they can find on store shelves.

5-6 years show no loss of quality.

We pour the gallons out into 8 ,pint bbq sauce bottles,to use ,share,etc.

Sure is less expensive than paying $6+shipping a bottle from the online companies.

Just my $0.02

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