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I just want you all to know about a TERRIFIC contest. It is September 7 & 8 in Derby, Ks. (just south of Wichita) It is sanctioned by the National Bar B Que Association.
$ 10,000 purse! You cook 3 out of the 4 catagories that you declare on your entry form. Great Sites with Electric and Water.
Guys, this is the best run contest we have entered in years! Very Cooker friendly!
Visit the National Bar-B-Que Derby website and get the details.

Big Grin
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Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
Is there a link to the Info.

NBBQA is sponsoring contests now?

I don't follow them that close to know about other contests, but here is the link:
www.National Bar-B-Que website.
Or For more information about this event and how to get involved, email

I just know that this contest has the City of Derby totally behind it and it is run in a very professional manner.
Sounds like a fun event. Good cause.

correct website:

I did look, didn't see anything about the National BBQ Association. I do see a reference about National BBQ News.

I think you confused me when you said "sanctioned by".

It doesn't look sanction by KCBS, and NBBQA doesn't sanction contests.

Appears to be something called the "National BBQ Festival LLC".

Sanction can make a difference to some times, so they get entries into the larger events.
Originally posted by GaryT:
Originally posted by cal:
Good luck to you and the young lady! Has she learned how to cook some comp food on that new grill?

Yes she has. She did a Sopapia Cheese cake in Emporia and tied for first (with 3 others) and a 180. She hasn't come down yet!

SWEET!...Tell Jan congrats and she can use that grill to make some fine ribs with a little practice.

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