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hey guys im new to this site but been Qn for some time now.My friends talked me onto comprting about 3 years ago in backyard and i havent done to bad but i could use a good rub for chicken.I'm not askin for your secerts just a basic to build on I've been using kc masterpiece.So if you can help a man out my thanks to ya"ll and happy cookin
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I did four chickens this morning with the CS rub and I agree. It has always done fine by me. Just enough heat without being boring. Very good all around rub.

I have friends that like just plain lemom pepper, and sometimes if I plan to finish with a sauce, I'll do a semi Asian kind of thing with five spice or mixed peppers.
big orange,
give this one a try
2/3c lite brown sugar
2/3c granulated sugar
1/2c paprika
1/4c seasoned salt
1/4c smoked salt
1/4c onion powder
1/4c ground celery seed
2 Tbs ground black pepper
2 Tbs ground japonese and chili d'arbol
2 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp bell's seasoning
1 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1/2 tsp ground cayenne

to all of that mix i add enough sweet orange habanero rub to get the orange taste where i want it

hope this helps you
Here is a recipe that I came up with the other day. It is very simple, but it adds great flavor to chicken. I let it sit on the chicken a couple of hours before I grilled it. Also I have had great results with applying a little honey to the chicken a couple of minutes before it is done.

2-Tsp Paprika
1-Tsp Cayenne
2-Tsp Garlic Powder
1-Tsp Mustard Powder
1-Tbsp Chili Powder
1-Tsp Salt
1/4-Tbsp Cumin
1-Tsp Onion Powder

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