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Ok everyone, need some help here.

I have a customer who emailed me and wants to pickle some smoked sausage.

I have looked all over the web for this and come up with "ZIP",so anyone who might have some recipes the information would be much appreciated. I did find a recipe for Polish sausage but I'm not sure how this would effect the flavor of the smoked sausage. So all suggestions and recipes would be appreciated.
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Terry: I, too, have been looking everywhere for the same thing. Like bar sausages, right? I want to do it with my fish sausages, cuz in this state if something is water-bathed, as in pickles, you can legally sell it w/o a big inspected facility and special licensing.

I contacted Eldons, Allied-Kenco etc. to no avail. What I did determine, however, after months of study, that it is just a basic pickle brine, made the way you want it. But it MUST be made with an acidic percentage of 4-6 vinegar, and the ratio of water to vinegar is 1:1. Then the sky is the limit as to your seasonings. Those red hot almost-can't-eat-them ones you sometimes buy in bars have mustard oil in the brine. Dangerous stuff to handle. Also, your brine should be boiled and added hot to your product, before sealing. Smiler
I knew I could count on the Cookshack Nation!

Every once in a while I receive a question from a customer that kind of stumps

Thank you to everyone who responded!

Andi, I think that's what he is wanting, but he wants to smoke them in his smoker and then pickle them, I'd like to find a recipe that you can make hot or mild, and I would imagine it would be by putting in or leaving out peppers etc.

Tom, if you wouldn't mind posting the recipe I will send that one to him also, I appreciate the help.

Thanks again Gang!! You make my job a little easier and always alot of fun.
Terry,I have found that the pickling tends to overshadow the sausage and he may not get all the benefit of the work of the smoking step.

I have done them by mixing several sausages,right down to skinless beef franks and they all somewhat blend.

The national brands all make a skinless version of their sausages and they do a good job,pickled. Cool
My plan with fish sausage is to put the smoke on the fish BEFORE I case and pickle. I think that will retain a good smoke flavor. Whaddaya think? Razzer

Whoops, I'd better edit this, lest you guys think I'm crazy.

My filler for my fish sausages, which is a secret, is already cooked, so it won't hurt anything to smoke the fish before casing. Then a quick boil and a hanging time to finish. THEN pickling. Razzer
Thanks Tom, I knew you were trainable.

One thing we don't touch on, but you've mention is the "linger" effect of smoke.

I've heard mention from others that the smoke flavor get's "lost" in the pickling effect. So, some have *gasp* added liquid smoke to simulate it. Don't try that at home please!

It would be interesting to hear your experiment Andi -- smoke then pickle. The key might be to let them cure a little before you pickle to let the smoke really set up. Who knows? You'll let us know.

It's almost another thread..Does the Smoke flavor really exist? How long does it stay? Can anyone really taste it? Someone jump in and let me know if you want a new thread?


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