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Originally posted by GLH:
I searched Google for recipe databases and then searched them for pork-n-seeds and came up with zilch.

Is it BBQ loin with a celery or caraway seed sauce?


It's a Chinese dish starting with a pork loin marinated in sugar, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, ginger root, etc. Following the marinade, it can be cooked in several different manners. Often, the whole loin is coated with toasted sesame seeds and roasted or barbecued. Others slice the loin, coat with the seeds and deep fry. Some will slice the loin, pan fry or barbecue the slices and serve with hot mustard and the seeds on the side for dipping.
'at's sorta like an itty bitty sammy. Big Grin

BTW GLH,I think you were the one to introduce us to pulled pork on cheap hotdog buns.

If not,I blamed ya'. Wink

Had my brother and family,a police chief over by Springfield,Mo come by unexpectantly and wanted some pulled pork out of the freezer.

All we had was some frozen hotdog buns in the freezer.

Told 'em it was an Ozark tradition. Cool

They thought they was next best thing to sliced light bread and canned beer.

Now you is famous, if you get stopped by the local police,in that neck o' the woods. Big Grin
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Well there ya are Skeeter!

Way to go, Tom!

That is funny right there, I don't care who ya are!

I always hope to not get pulled over round here as it is a tad humiliating, being one of them.

The meat and slaw don't fall out the bottom like with HB buns. Also, a slice of brisket fits in well.

Good luck with the appy's, Skeeter. Let us know.


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