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I have a friend who is a butcher. I also have familly coming in this weekend, so I thought I would smoke a fresh ham. Had the butcher inject, tumble and brine a ham for me. I got it yesterday and it is a monster, over 25Lbs.
Do not know if it will fit on one rack in my 008. Question is how do I smoke this beast. Should I cut it up in smaller pieces or stuff it in whole. Ant idea how long it will cook?
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Tom, Thanks for the help. I cooked it like you said, it was very good. The surprise was it cooked in 14 hr @ 210 deg. This butcher will not tell much info on his cure other than how he does it. It must be why it cook fast. With people like you and Smokin helping I already can cook beter Q than I can buy local.
First you have to decide if you want it cured, uncured the flaver will be good pork. I have never done one of these but had some a friend did and it was very good. Mine was cured by the butcher. He injected the cure, put it in a tumber to spread the cure and brined with cure for a day. I got the meat on wed, put Dr BBQ sweet rub on it that day. I put it in the fridge untill Saturday. Turning once a day. I put the ham in Saturday morning at 5:30am 210 deg. For the wood I used 3oz hickory,2oz Red Oak, 1oz pecan,1/4oz maple. For most taste that is probably a little heavy on the wood, but I like a lot of smoke. To me it was perfect. At 6:30 that night The internal was 158 deg. I opened the door and put on a glaze. Turned the temp up to 250deg. At 7:30 pulled the ham with an internal of 160deg. This was a very good ham, the only thing I would do different is find a better glaze. If you live in the country like I do there is somewhere everybody gets there meat butchered. Talk to that man, they smoke hams and bacon every week. So they have drums in the back with hams and bacon like this, already cured but fresh. They will sell you one if you are nice.
Originally posted by Smoke N Italy:
Hey BigAl, my wife has requested I smoke a fresh ham. Can you give me more info? Did you rub it or just smoke? What kind of wood?
Smoke N Italy

I buy the fresh hams from Wally World. The bigger the better. I use a meat thermometer, and go by the internal temp as far as "when it it done". I use a combineation of apple and hickory to smoke the ham. I cut the ham through the fat cap in 1" squares. About half way to the final temp, I start basting it with a combination of peach jam, and diced jalopino peppers. I baste about every hour.

I keep the amount of peppers on the low side since my family seems to be sensitive to peppers.

I have not had a complaint yet, and some of the people are more sensitive to peppers then my family.

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