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Well,the flank steak could take a good marinade ,overnight,hot grill to medium rare,and slice thin across the grain.

Grill some sliced vegetables,french bread,serve with a green salad.

I'd have to know more about the brisket.

Marinate the chuck, overnight, in a bottle of Zesty Italian dressing.

Grill to med rare and slice across the grain.

If you really wanted to smoke the chuck,and it was big enough to mess with,use the Zesty Italian marinade.

Smoke at 200º to an internal of about 165º.

Place on foil and paint well with your favorite red sauce,slice a yellow onion and scatter over the top.

Add 1/2 cup of the Zesty Italian,or black coffee,or low salt beef broth.

Wrap tightly and cook to an internal of 185º+ for slicing,or 200º for pulling.

Serve the liquid in the foil,as table sauce.

Makes a tasty pot roast.

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