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Since I am not a professional I will post in this forum. The problem with living in a small valley and owning the only cookshack smoker around is everyone wants you to cook for thier parties. So I have been asked to volunteer my cookshack skills (if any) again and provide BBQ chicken and ribs for a local womens pool league banquet (seems the catering people they contacted through BBQ chicken was rotisserie chichen from Cosco). So I plan on chicken breasts (brine then smoke) and St. Louis style pork ribs with a vegetable (green beans?), baked beans (my grandmothers reciepe) and cole slaw. The weomen do not want heavy smoked so I will use apple wood. My question is how much of each meat do I serve? There are 40 women that want ribs and 35 women that want chicken. The ribs are around 17" long and chicken breasts are boneless and skinless. My smoker is a model 55.

Sorry for the long post, but I really need help on this one. This will task my skills to get everyting ready at once and keep hot.
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Like Cadillac says,try the FIND feature at page top and put a post down on the pros.

I'd say you could feed at least 3 eatin' gals from a slab of St Louis and have plenty.

A 1/3 lb breast would be a plentiful portion.

About 1 cup ,total,of sides should cover you.

A large can of beans from Sam's has a good 25 servings,especially if you add your own touches.

I'd just get the tubs of slaw from the box stores and it will tell you how many servings.

They aren't there to eat slaw.

Unless they are making chicken sandwiches,I'd try to steer them a long ways from those breasts and give them thighs.

Easier to cook and especially to hold/serve.

Smoke up three,or four lbs of assorted precooked sausages,cut them in 1 inch pieces and put them out with a couple of condiments.

Easy and inexpensive.

Give them some some easy,simple,small bread for a pusher.

Don't try to do too much.

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