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Sorry to start a new thread on same topic but I need quick help. Getting ready to do my first prime rib. I have a 3 bone 6 1/2 pounder. My plan is to season it, sear it off in the oven at 500 for around 10 minutes, put it in the amerique at 250 with rosemary and garlic and 1 oz of cherry. Bring it up to temp. and then hold at 140 for 4 hours. my questions are in previous thread suggestion was to bring it to 115 - 118 internal. If I am trying to end up at 140 internal for medium rare, will I really get there holdong in the oven at 140 for 4 hours. Also, does the rest of the plan sound right ? Have company coming for dinner and I really want to get it right.
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First of all, since you are looking for a final internal temp of 140, this means you are looking for medium to medium-well doneness with the roast. I hope that is what you are shooting for. And if you are cooking to an internal of 140, then the outside slices will be medium-well to well-done with the slices being a little less done as you get closer to the center slice of the roast but still no less than medium doneness.

Second, taking the roast to 115-118 and then leaving in the 140 oven for another four hours, if that roast is not at 140 when you take it out, it will be darn close.

As I said before, you can always finish a slice a little more once you cut into the roast. But if it is too far done, there is no way to recover that.

Please come back and tell us how it came out.
I am sort of following stuart's recipe, but I was not sure and letting rib roast warm to room temp, or just putting it in from the fridge. I did the latter. I am now 10 minutes away from 12 minutes a pound and she is only up to 59 degrees internal. Should I still cut the CS back to 140 if the internal is in the 60's for a 4 hour hold.
I usually have mine setting on the counter until it is around 50*,and the sear in the oven at 550* brings it up to where you are now.

I'm no expert,and it might make it,cooking at holding temp but if you are serving it for dinner tonight,I'd get my house oven up to 350*-soon.

It might finish at the 300*,that I believe the AQ can cook at,so I guess that is an option.

Put roast on a rack in a roasting pan,add a cup,or so, of red wine/beef stock/water.

Cook to an internal of about 118*, wrap roast in heavy foil,wrap in heavy towels,and hold until ready to serve.

I guess,you could also just open the door on the AQ,let it cool,and hold cooker at 140*,untill ready to serve.

Degrease pan and use drippings,however you choose.

Good luck and have fun.

Pour everyone an extra glass of wine. Wink
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You haven't said yet how you like it. A true Prime grade of rib roast is considered overdone most places and by most folks if it is past medium rare. I like it done to about 120-125*, rest just a few minutes, slice. Most often you will get rib roast that is less than a Prime grade, if you are not careful. Is yours truely Prime grade?


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