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I smoked a couple briskets over the weekend and they got a little drier than I would have hoped. I'm afraid they're going to make better chopped sandwiches than sliced for entres like I'd planned.

My question is: what's the best way to re-heat and moisten the meat. I'm serving the office for lunch tomorrow. I've never done sandwiches before and could really use some ideas.


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You didn't say whether they were sliced or whole,so I'll take a shot at each.

If whole,put them in foil with about a 1/2 cup low salt beef broth and 1/2 cup black coffee.seal up tight and reheat at about 250�.

If you added a couple Tbsp of sauce,it won't hurt.

Some folks like apple juice and it will be a little sweeter.

If sliced,try to keep them scrunched up and do the above.
Well Tom,

The only option you missed was the one I did. They are already sliced and/or pulled and are in serving- size, separate, frozen vacuum packs. I don't have a good alternative to store the meat right now.

I was planning to combine several packages to make the fixin's for lunch. Wish I'd asked the forum sooner. Is there any hope?
Well, lunch is over. About a dozen people went through 5+ lb of brisket on sandwiches.

I put the packs in hot water just until they were soft. Then into a crockpot. Added 2/3 cup apple juice mixed, carefully, with some of the de-fatted drippings that I reserved and froze. Turned the pot to high for about 2 1/2 hrs until the meat was fully thawed and hot. Turned to low and it sat for another hour or so. The meat absorbed all the juice mixture and was juicy but not runny. Stirred well and served.

Man did it disappear!

Thanks for your help Tom.


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