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OK....just found out we have all these guest coming for Easter dinner, I planned to cook 2-8lb. PB, but with more guest coming I've decided to smoke a 10lb. Brisket too.
Question is should I smoke both at the same time in my SM025 or do the brisket first put in frig. then warm up for dinner with the PB when they come out. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but sometime it is hard to see the forest because of the trees. If the answer is do both together which on top shelve which on bottom and should they be done about same time. Is there anything else I'm forgetting here?
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You can go either way that best suits your time schedule.Personally, I'd go with your PB's and brisket all together. the brisket will probably finish ahead of the PB's but it's not a solid guarantee. They'll be pretty close one way or the other.

Placement: go with PB's over the brisket. You'll get some nice drippings on the brisket as it cooks.

Have an Igloo or other insulated cooler ready for holding the meat at which point it's done. Double wrap each piece of meat with foil, wrap 'em with a towel (check with the wife on this Smiler ) and they'll all hold for several hours in the "cooler".
I would place the fat cap between the heat source and the yes, in fact, if it was me doing it it in the 025. I wouldn't trim the fat cap at all on the brisket.

Make sure you have a bigger drip pan, or dump it sometime during the cook.

If you are worried about the direct heat,since there will be a lot of meat in the smoker. Try cooking for a few hrs at a lower temp, before raising the temp up to 225-35*.

Good luck and remember what Smokin' always tells us,"take good notes".
Thanks everyone......Easter dinner was great.
The brisket came out at the 14 hr mark and the PB's a little more than 15hr., I made sure to take good notes and will be doing PB again soon. The brisket and PB's were FTC for a couple hours and were some of the best I've done so far. Everyone enjoy the meal and SmokinOkie's sauce was a hit. Thanks again.

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