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Hi all. I am an old stick burner that made the switch to the SM025 model.
I have some questions about my wood box and customer service is closed till tuesday and who better to ask than you guys and gals.
My wood box has -3- sides that are longer than the bottom of my wood box and one long side that that the way it should be?
The wood box is hard to fit under the roof style deflector, I have to lift up the deflector so the wood box wont scrape the heating element when adding it or removing that correct?
When I do get the wood box in place it is wobbly because it has the -3- longer that correct?
When I seasoned it at 275 degrees the wood chunk burned pretty good. If I try to smoke at lower temps the burn doesnt burn that well. I got rid of the extension cord and now have it plugged in directly. So yesterday I added a fresh chunk and set it at 225 degrees for a -6- hour trial run and the wood chunk was scorched but didn't burn all that that normal?
I sure appreciate any help cause I got a 11 lb brisket waiting to be smoked but not with the issues I got right now.
Thanks again for any help!!
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I've lifted my heating element to the point where I have to raise the heat shield to get the woodbox in place. That way I know the heating element touches the woodbox insuring a better wood burn.

The wood won't burn completely, but will definitely burn better as the smoker seasons. In the beginning, I had partially scorched wood, darkened wood but not truly scorched or burned. With more usage it burns like a son of a gun...plenty of smoke. Wood burns better with something to smoke vs empty.

If the element is indeed touching the woodbox when it's in place, you're fine. Place the wood upfront where the element circles back and have the wood right at the edge of the holes in the woodbox (if your woodbox does have holes). Otherwise, just make sure the wood is where more element can affect the wood...where it circles back.

My woodbox rests firmly in place and doesn't wobble. You can smoke with it like that, but I'd call Cookshack and ask them about it. If not right, they'll send you a new one.
Sundowner: Your wood box is fine. The side of the wood box with the short side should slide in first. 2 of the long sides will be down the side of the heating element, and the other long side will keep you from shoving the wood box any further back. It should look like this: [ with the heating element in the middle of the [ , and the long side of the [ facing you once you slide it into the smoker.
You are 100% correct Mike. I had the darn thing in wrong going longways in. The wood-box wasn't strapped down and that was the way it was settin in it when I first opened the door. Kinda figured that was the way it was supposed to be.
If I had a brain I would be dangerous!! Frowner

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