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Having company over for cookout July 5th at 5:00 pm. I want to cook some boston butt. I understand that it takes between 1 1/2 - 2 hrs per pound but how if we are eating at 5 what time would you put it on. As far as weight there will be 6 adults and 4 children so what do you sugest?

I am using an offset smoker and have been able to maintain the 225-250 temp the last few times I have cooked with it.

Would it be better to do 2 small or 1 large or would it all be the same?

Do you guys foil after a few hours, I did the last one and it came out better than the previous one. The previous one had too much smoke taste on the outside. "I generally burn with hickory or white oak wood"

Thanks for any suggestionss
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Well ,now

I'd try to find me a 7-8 lb.,bone in butt.

That will yield you about 15 four oz. sandwiches.

I'd probably buy a two pack of 7 lb. butts,give doggy bags ,and eat the leftovers.

I'd think 2 hrs /lb.

Put it on about 11 PM at 225�.
When it gets to 195� internal,double foil it,wrap in a big towel and put in a dry cooler-until you're ready to pull it.

This be around lunch time,give or take two hours.

I'd get me a couple lbs. of cooked smoked sausages for filler.

Throw them in at any temp and they make great snacks in about an hour.

Kids don't always eat pulled pork,so a few easy hotdogs or burgers might save the day.

You'd have to judge about foilin'.

If it is cookin' too slow,that will speed it up.

If you are gettin' too much smoke,there are several thoughts.

Cook with lump or charcoal,whatever you are using now, to maintain stable temps.

As long as your wood is aged and burned to coals before using,you shouldn't have an over smoke problem.

Keep your exhaust wide open ,to remove stale smoke,regulate your temp/airflow with your intake.

It is hard to put too much clean smoke on a large butt,but you can creosote them.

Hope this helps a little.
You say wood should be burned,, I have been adding wood as it cooks, is this wrong. This may be my problem.. I am planning on grilling a few chicken quarters along with hot dogs for the non pork eaters.

about adding the second butt. I am really want to do just that since I love it so much. Do you need to adjust the time for the second butt?

You guys help a ton, and I thank you.
I do the bone-in shoulders and butts all the time, and I usually do 2 at a time. As a matter of fact I'm startin a couple of 7 or 8 pounders around 10pm tonite.

I smoke mine at 230 deg. to an internal temp of 195. Then I heavy duty foil them, and pop them in a dry cooler for about 30 min. to let the juices settle, plus this will bring the temp up another 5 deg. or so.

Time's almost always taken me at least 2hrs/lb., sometimes a little more. Usually between 16 & 18 hrs. (I keep logs)

Great advice about the thermometers. You can buy a digital thermometer for about $16 at Targets or similar store. I myself use one in each piece of meat (not in fat, or against bone). I also use one to monitor my chamber temp. i2BBQ is right, knowing your internal temps will make a hero out of you for sure. Another note: don't leave the thermometer unit itself in the sun, it will destroy the electronics...found out the hard way. I usually leave them in the house and plug in when I wanna check temp, which I do about every hour or so.

As far as smoke, it's personal taste. I use a bullet water smoker, and always place my soaked hickory right on the coals as soon as I start. Never had a complaint about too much smoke, nor a bitter taste. I usually start of with 4 fist size chunks, and usually added more around 4 or 5 hours.

Well good luck with your Q...I'm sure if you follow the advice on here, it will be a big hit. This forum is definitely the reason for my success. Big Grin


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