After buying, using and having them break several MB electric smokers I'm ready to spend the money on something that will last for years not months.

I'm sold on electric and controls. I also would prefer one that a whole hotel pan will fit in. I frequently will cook two butts, 40 chicken thighs and sausage all at the same time so a little smoker wont work. 

I was looking at the Amerique but two 2018 reviews showed controller failures where years past never had that problem. Did they change to a cheaper controller? And then there is the hotel pan fitting.

What options do I have? I'm hoping to come in around $3,000.

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MB has one that looks very nice but unfortunately it's the Yugo of Smokers. Full pans will fit inside. Ok if I can't have one full pans fit in for $2500 what is the entry price range for one that will.  Other than commercial smokers what other smoker are y'all liking in the $2500 range. If I need to spend more for a quality set and forget smoker I probably can. Durability and longevity are very important at those price levels. I'm concerned with the high price of controllers when they fail. I'd appreciate any thoughts on that.

If I can use the hotel pans in the smoker I can use the smoker as a warming oven too. I have steam tables that I serve on. By keeping the smoker around 150 I can keep everything safely heated till time to put out on the steam tables. The smoke flavor the items like jalapeno poppers, grilled veggies and beans pick up only makes them better. The other items are already smoked so it doesn't effect them.

Also if I want to save the drippings it so much easier with the hotel pans.

If a hotel pan will fit I know that I can easily place two big butts side by side or the large racks of ribs or big briskets. 

Perhaps I should look at a used commercial unit?

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