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I used T C Garlic inection marinade on two pork butts. My question is this. I didn't dry the butts after injecting, and they were quite wet with excess injection marinade, so I just peppered them up with rub.

Normally I dont inject & after washing them I dry them with paper towels, just pat em dry. Then smear with mustard, and apply rub.

Think I'll notice any difference? Thanks in advance. They are goin in the smoker now.
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I don't agree with the mustard slather camp, but go for it if you like it.

Not sure if you will or won't notice any flavor on the outside, with the mustard and a rub, but if you like it, just do it again.

Marinade on the outside should be fine, happens all the time when you inject, I just smear it on. I would have skipped the mustard as they were wet from the marinade and the rub would stick.

Like Smokin',I figure mustard is for bologna on light bread sandwiches,but it can't really hurt a butt.
The rest of that stuff on the outside won't be noticed,so just pull it,when its done,and it will probably taste like pork.

That's a good thing.

If you have a good rub,mix a little in,until it suits you,when you pull the pork.

If it is the best you ever had,post it and the rest of us will copy it. Big Grin

I got faith,you'll do well.
No difference in taste, so non-issue there.

However, this is the first time I didnt use fresh butts. See Kroger had this big sale, .98 per lb. But these were injected with brine soloution. I have never seen a piece of meat shrink up like these things did. I'm talking 65% shrinkage.Pulled them at 193 deg, which is sooner than I normally pull em. Have them FTC rite now, and I hope they are not as dry as they are small.

The really crappy part is I have four more of these "cheap butts" in the freezer. Like they say, if it seems too good to be true.....Frowner
I've had the same experience with those solution injected pork butts from Kroger early in my smoking adventures. I had unusually high shrinkage too.

The ones I bought were bone-in, which I prefer over boneless, but at the time I didn't know that I could get minimally processed butts. I didn't know the difference.

Now I refuse to buy any pork (or turkey, or any other meat) that has an injected brine or marinade solution. I don't want to pay for water weight, and I want to know exactly what's in it. I also don't want the flavor of a producers brine/marinade competing with my goals for the meat.

Since you have 'em, you might as well smoke those injected butts anyway. Reduce or eliminate salt in your rub, or forego the rub altogether, then season after you pull them so you can tell what's happening with the flavor.
Now, I've never had the misfortune to cook a enhanced PB, but everyone knowing me, I would make the best of it.

I wonder if a fella otta open that smoker when the PB is at 185-90* and just see if it would finish a little different than what a normal PB would?

Maybe I'm just to curious when something is new to me.
I've cooked them,over the years.The biggest thing is the pain of paying them pork prices for salt water. Mad

If they have been frozen,sometimes they take a little longer to come tender.

I tend to cook them slow,around 225*,so the shrinkage isn't as bad as it could be.

I occasionally catch them around $0.95/lb,so a bunch of them work out-especially giving them away to charity,etc.

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