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I just bought an Amerique 066 model and love it so far as today. I have it together and was getting ready to season it for the first cook tomorrow. I plugged it in to my 15 amp GFI garage circuit and it worked for a bit. Than it went for about 30 seconds and started tripping the GFI. I tried it direct without the heavy extension cord to no avail Than I tried a 10 amp circuit direct and it trips that. Both circuits will let it run for about 3 seconds and than they trip.

I than plugged in my 36" Cookshack charbroiler to the 15 amp circuit, on a 50 heavy extension cord and it runs perfect. All the fans and all the burners. I love that machine.

Anyone have any ideas. I know Cookshack will take care of me. Maybe I have to send the top controller back or the burner or both. Something is pulling some major amps. Unless there is some internal fuse that can prevent this but I doubt that would make sense. HELP! SOS! I want to use the Amerique tomorrow! Thanks
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My house is a new build but that doesnt mean the GFI could not be bad. I did test two differnt 15 amp circuits with each having their own GFI as well as a 10 amp circuit and they all tripped. So it must be the unit given the range of tests.

I work in the electrical field but am not an electrician. I used to be a lineman so we did everything up to the meter. I have an understanding of some electrical theory. Just enough to be dangerous (:

I think the heating element may be shorting out. It is not touching anything inside but it could still have a crack or bad spot. The unit worked when I first turned it on and stayed on for 3 or 4 mins before everything started happening. I was programming the unit and hit start and problems started happening. I doubt this unit pulls more amps than my 36 inch charbroiler with 3 fans and 3 hot rods going on the burners along with 3 augers but I may be wrong. Will call Cookshack tomorrow and keep all posted. Thanks
I dont have a 20 amp non GFI in the new house. Hopefully this will fix it. They are two seprate dedicated 20 amps circuits. They both have their own GFI.

Cookshack is sending me a new element to swap out. He said they would try it on a GFI before sending it out. Will keep ya all posted.

Not saying I dont have a couple weak GFIs but I know they are super sensitive. The new electrical code in new homes sucks in some ways. Arc breakers in the panel, GFIs where they really aren't so needed. I could see in a bathroom near the tub or sink. Child proof plug ins. If you dont have the plug in lined up perfect with the wall receptical, good luck. It wont go in. Will keep you all posted. Thanks Shane.

PS. If I put the new one in and it acts up, I will take the unit to our farm and break it in. Not on a cow. But plug it in with the non GFI circuits and go from there.

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