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I'm not familiar with 'Louisiana' style. What differs from say St. Louis style?

I find my times for full size spares to be closer to 6 hours at 225. But as always they are 'done when they're done..' I look for a good pullback and have used a toothpick or polder probe to check for doneness more then once. We like them about ready to fall off the bone here.
For baby backs, I have had the best results in my AQ going 4.5 to 5 hours at 225˚ and spares usually add an hour at least (Zedd is right on).
Did you season this smoker or did you go right to cooking? Lots of willing help here, but info is great.

Originally posted by Billsgrillin:
I just got my AMeriQue smoker and made 6 racks of ribs, they came out ok, but don't have the same color and nice finish as ones i used on my old smoker. Anyone have some words of wisdom for a newbie?

So, except for color and finish did they taste okay and tender enough.

The AQ is a MORE humid smoker than your old smoker and likely not putting as much smoke on them (different methods).

Might need to modify your rub a little to compensate for the humidity as well as add? some finishing sauce.

If they weren't smoky enough, just add some more wood.

St. Louis style

Thanks for all the feedback, need to get myself squared away here. I used to cook them for about 4 hours and then wrap them in foil for another hours on traditional bbq. I wasn't sure if that would be OK on the amerique.
Sorry, they were cut St. Louis style, sorry getting myself confused. I seasoned the smoker for 3 hours with 3 wood pieces in it and then also smoked two pork butts for around 10 hours with another 3 pieces of wood.
Thanks again for all the help and support.
I think the AQ just needs a few more 'cooks'. I just moved to an 055 from an 008 and the first butt and then ribs were not all that good. Ribs were a little dry and not much smoke. But this weekend I did a brisket (talk about screwing up... I left the 055 unplugged for two hours in the middle of the cook) and 3 slabs of ribs and both turned out great given enough time for the cook. Probably the best brisket yet!

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