Received my new FEC100 on Wednesday from Cookshack. Last night attempted to run it a few hours. 

Loaded pellets

Powered up

Set time/temp

Hit start , fan kicked on, but that’s all

Auger and igniter did not engage


I left customer service a voice message but pebbly will not bear from then until Monday. 


Thanks. Jeff

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Hope you got your answer.  Please post what happened.  

You can use without the ignitor by lighting the pellets with a torch or hand sanitizer gel (alcohol).  I've found that often after one cook this way, the ignitor starts working again.

You may have a loose connection.  Open the box and check as it can come loose during shipping.  

Lastly, buy a spare.  They are easy to change and inexpensive.  Although you're under warranty,  it's good to keep a few parts on hand.  Eventually you will need it (at the least convenient time). 

is it working ok now?  What was the problem.  My guess is the new unit took a while to spin the pellets all the way down to the firepot and the igniter may have already timed out by then.

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