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Hi All,

I have just bought a new FEC100 and am very excited. My first question....what is the best way to season the unit? My second question is that it will be placed inside a commercial kitchen with make up air and under exhaust fans. What is the best direction for the FEC exhaust to face? Can I leave it open or should I vent it into the exhaust fans?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum Lance.

Smoke will billow out about 12"-16" beyond your vent. As long as you place the FEC 12" within the overhang of your hood, you should be fine. Most of the smoke will generate as the fire pot first ignites. I doubt you'll need any additional venting. Your 1st seasoning will tell the story.

Additional tips: keep the drip shelf foiled and change the foil regularly. Be sure the grease channel and down chute are free of obstructions. Keep the bottom of the smoke chamber free of soot, pellets and grease build up. I use a bakers bench knife for that and it does the trick nicely.

Enjoy your new toy!
Finally unpacked the smokers, slight damage to the outside.

Gave them a clean, foiled them, filled em up with fuel and set to 300 and switched them on.

After 30 mins they were sitting nicely on 302 and 304. Beautiful! Will leave them for a few hours and then let them cool.

Ribs and lamb on the menu for dinner tomorrow night!
Big Boy, see you're in Oz. I used to live in Canberra (I know, don't say it). Went to the Aussie Rules final, had my VB and meat pie in the stands. LOVED the culture and food in Melbourne.

I actually have never used the IQ4 probe, so I'm not sure. Maybe someone will tell us.

I'll call CS and have them send one that I can test.

That won't help you, but I think you'll be fine with that approach, just open it and see if it "crimped" the wire any after the door has been closed a while.
Thanks Smokin or as we say here...Shhhhmokin!

Did ribs today and was very happy with the result. 275 until done. Think I will start lower next time for an hour and then up to 275. Might just be the pellets though. (Traeger, still waiting for the Fast Eddy 100% hickory to become available here)

Lamb shoulder is still in and I'm using my thermapen to measure temp.

Will be opening the first BBQ restaurant in Melbourne in September.



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