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So, bought your smoker and have 100's of questions.

First, Welcome to the forum. You'll find answers here.

Some guidance will help:

1. If there is a technical question and the smoker might not be working, Call Cookshack Direct. Their Customer Service doesn't monitor the forum. A Hallmark of CS' Customer Service is that they want to talk to you direct. Call them at: 1-800-423-0698

2. Read through this section of the forum. You might very well find the same question.

3. Also read through the Owners Archive. Older posts are archived here and there are over 7 years of Owners Questions here, so probably you're question has been asked. It's located farther down on the main page, in the Archives or you can go: Owner's Archive -- Hundred of questions and answers

4. There is a a couple of great threads in the Open forum, have a read that will help:

Lessons for New Users

Introduce Yourself

Glossary of Terms

How to Post Pictures

My Smokin Okie 101 guides

Show us your Smoker Setup

5. Search. With over 70,000 posts, a search will sometimes turn up fun and unique answers to your questions. We'll soon be posting a Search 101 to help new users.

Have fun...See you in the Forum.

Smokin' Okie
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