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Just wanted to introduce myself to the Cookshack community. My SM045 was delivered today--I was anxiously awaiting the FEDEX truck all afternoon! Next step--2 hours running on a non-GFI to dry out any moisture, then 4 hours empty with some wood to season (does it have to be hickory, or will pecan or oak work?). Am I missing anything or is that the basic rundown for a new smoker?

I'm hoping to try out the new smoker Sunday with a few chickens to start out. I know forum members usually recommend pork butt as the first meat, but my wife, son, and I dont really eat pork (well I do, but my wife doesnt), so I'll be smoking a lot of chicken and beef brisket.

One other question for those more knowledgeable than me--any reason I shouldn't set this up at the edge of my garage so its easy access and somewhat protected from the elements? Also, we live in a 1950s home and no outlets are GFI outside of the kitchen and bathrooms--will it be an issue to run the smoker on a non-GFI outlet since that'll be my only option in the garage or outside?

Again, I'm very excited to be the newest owner of a cookshack smoker!

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Welcome to fold! I'll address the garage question as your other questions have been answered. I have my SM040 in the garage as we speak. I roll it over close to the door when I'm smoking and then tuck it back against the wall for storage. This seems to be the best of both worlds for me but I have a large garage and plenty of space for the smoker and a work table. I also have a fridge stocked with umm, beverages...Other than making the garage smell like a smokehouse from time to time Big Grin this seems like the way to go. If it gets too smokey I'll point a fan towards the smoker and blow most of the smoke out.
I also have a new SM-045. I did 2 turkeys in it for Thanksgiving. Do a search on this site for "Big Bang". Scared the heck out of me when it happened. I had visions of my new square smoker being round, and turkey pieces parts all over the inside. The end results were 2 of the best turkeys I have ever smoked, and once the smoker cooled down, I put a straight edge on it, and it is still straight and square.

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