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Don't know about Dave quoting, but I did run across this on another forum and it will be from Eddy....."Now that things are getting started the MSRP for this unit is $1449.00. There is a early discount buy for it at $1299.00. We are also offering a special on freight to just pelletheads of $100.00 (normaly $150.00) delivered residential with liftgate service. We mostly use FedX freight lines for this. Anyone in OK will have sales tax added. Our expectations is to be in production by Dec 1st. We are still waiting on vendors for some parts to make that happen. We should know in the next couple of weeks for sure when production will start. Anyone wishing to be put on the pelletheads order list please send me a PM with your full name, daytime contact ph# and email. You will get a contact back by a Cookshack sales rep. Please do not contact them direct for this offer."

Hope CS will help this forum out with an offer?
Yes the right side of the upper shelf is usable for smoking, though the temp will be roughly 25ish degrees higher. The cooking area is the same as the PG1000. See my recent post on my cook on the PG1000 this weekend. I had 14# of pork on the top shelf.

Oh but don't forget about the warming drawer/cold smoke area on the PG500

Originally posted by cal:
... ya' ll have gotta see these tests that are being done on the PG500. Link to test done by Bently at pelletheads forum

I'm fine with the link. I'm not a member of that forum any more. They had issues with me posting detailed information and thought I worked for CS (which I don't) but they let FE post in there and he does work for CS.

So, haven't seen the thread and won't, but thanks for posting
Not a member myself, I stop by and check out the FEC forum, but when I saw the PG500 thread, I had to check it out. My old gas grill is getting well on in life and the PG500 has got me interested.

They cold smoked in the cold smoke chamber for 4 hrs and the temp never got over 75*, that was with using a pan of ice. I don't cold smoke much, but thought this was really pretty awesome.
I've been watching this thread at the other forum and have been quite impressed. I ordered mine with Cookshack yesterday. This couldn't have come at a better time as the 1000 is out of my budget and I was looking at other manufacturers. In all my searching I could not find any other grill that does what this one can and I know what to expect from a Cookshack product-- quality product and Stellar support.

Thanks Cookshack

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