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Like Smokin' says, last year's series was a made for TV,good guys vs bad guys soap opera,about how we all do contests.
They had to teach the cooks how to talk and what to say,so we all found humor-getting to see our friends "acting".

I guess the discussion is they make it the "houswives of KCBS" like a reality show?

Have to admit,the guy did remind me of Sandra Lee? on semi homemade? on food channel.She just concedes she boils her ribs for a quick way to fake out your guests ,over cocktails.

Fast Eddy may feel that any exposure of "BBQ" is better for all of us,to build awareness and popularity.It might build brands,name recognition,prizes on the circuit?

Maybe like the General of Dukes of Hazard,explained NASCAR?

Don't kill the messenger,but remember we have Smokin'Okie and a bunch of real life cooks to keep us on the path of bbq.
Here is Fast Eddy's latest thought from Basso's.

by Fast Eddy on June 02, 2010 at 15:45:44:
In Reply to: Re: Pitmasters new host posted by NelsonC - ODS on June 02, 2010 at 11:24:44:

I hope he doesn't get his act together. Give me a reason to watch Myron throw some hardballs past him each week and we can get a few chuckles out of this. It's most likely not going look to close to what we do anyway.

Hey...maybe Myron will let loose on the DUDE with a few Myronisms Smiler

If BBQ made in an electrically heated CS is real BBQ just as if it were cooked over a wood pit.......isn't meat cooked in a wood fired steamer the same as meat cooked in an electrically heated steamer?

Thinking of some award winning individuals that swear by giant water smokers. Something just seems wrong about those smokers.
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Can i ask why? The clip shows a different Myron than what I remember seeing on any of the shows I have seen with him on.

I liked the Pitmasters show for the most part, no doubt because I have no idea what the competitions are really like, like so many of you on here. But I realize it is a reality show and it needs drama and backbighting to keep peoples interest, the Top Shot show on History channel is the same way but I enjoy it also, because of the shooting.
I cut my teeth on a Brinkmann bullet smoker, and it was far from being a 'steamer'. The water pan is there to help maintain temperature. If you are near the preferred 225 degrees, enough water will evaporate to dissipate any excess heat. If the pot of water is actively boiling then you are running close to 250; at that point you use less fuel or close your dampers.

Everyone openly admits that the CS produces a very moist cooking environment, but I have yet to hear of anyone referring to it as a 'crockpot'.
Well I've watched two episodes, and after watching the second, I removed the series recording from the DVR. I enjoyed the series last year, but now it is just another game show, and in my opinion, not a very entertaining one at that.

I guess they couldn't control whether they were tracking the winner on any given week, so they had to manufacture their own format.
I'm not much of a fan of reality TV,but understand they have to have a diverse skit to draw diverse audience.

It has folks watching bbq on TV and talking about it.

It is kinda neat that non comp cooks watch it,and ask me about it and if I know the "actors".

Some of us know most of the "actors" that are the serious cooks.

Matter of fact,our old team mate did next week's without our help,so we'll look forward to seeing him as a "TV star".

Maybe ,if we email some suggestions in to the producers,they'll work some in and we'll see even more bbq on TV.

I know he'll be on TV in an already completed Fireman's comp,with possibly more to come.

Just a thought that some poor exposure might draw more longterm interest than no exposure.
I dunno Tom, I hear what you're saying but it seems as though they've already built a pretty good audience from last year's series. Seems to me what drew the crowd was getting a backstage pass and peek at some serious competition teams. Now it's Survivor meets Chopped. Maybe it's growing an audience but the comments I read on other Q forums and BPM Facebook indicate a very irritated audience.

Why "fix" what wasn't broke?
Pit Masters is a waste of TV bandwidth. I certainly hope the 'master' isn't that despicable in real life. The show really has no redeeming or educational value as far as cooking shows go. From a competition perspective it can't be too exciting to produce a show on slow cooking where so much time is in the waiting. Too bad the so called elimination competitions are so irrelevant.
It's always fun to trying to figure out what the HECK the producers were thinking. This strikes me as some California based concept of "how cool would it be to..."

Next thing they'll have Avacado and Sea urchins as the mystery item.

Me, it's just reality TV and little reality TV is anything more than entertainment.

That's how I view this.

But I think it's lacking something, especially for the masses. Forget the hardcore BBQ'er that frequents a forum. We won't like what they've done.

I've spent years, researching what the public "wants". Back when I was on the NBBQA board, I interviewed a lot of public at contests.

Most of them/us want:

1. Access to the BBQ experts and
2. Taste food
3. How to improve their own cooking/how do they match up to the experts

#3 is the key on why people do or don't tune in. Why are you watching?

I can think of ONE simple, quick fix. Post the recipes from the winning team and have them spend the last 5 minutes TEACHING you how to do what they did.

Simple, quick fix.

Maybe I'll email John with my idea. I hadn't seen anyone mention this in all the various forums and threads.

OH, and before you poo poo the Alligator, it HAS been a subject in our forums (how many of you searched first)? None.

Here you go:

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