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Hi everyone from Bangkok, Thailand,

My SM045 was delivered yesterday, and I was able to season it and have my first smoke -- ribs!

I've lived in Thailand for 6 years, and haven't had access to a smoker (my brother's Smokette) since then. I finally bit the bullet and had a SM045 shipped from Australia (the official Cookshack distributor) into Bangkok. The smoker took 3 weeks to arrive after the order was placed, and after clearing customs it arrived at 2:30PM yesterday. I had hoped it would arrive in the morning so that I could cook ribs for dinner, but after the 4 hour seasoning, I began cooking at 7PM. The seasoning process went mostly incident-free, with the exception of 2 burps. The first one drew my employees outside to see what was going on, the second louder one had them running for cover.

At 11PM (4 hours at 225F with one large chunk of apple wood, also imported from Australia), the wait was finally over. My ribs came out incredibly tender and moist. It can't compare to "quick" smoking them over indirect heat on a gas grill. A great late night snack.

I've bought a Boston Butt from my local butcher, and have a brisket flat arriving later this week (can't find whole briskets here in Bangkok). Will be putting the new smoker through its paces this weekend :-)


Cookshack Rib Rack loaded with rubbed ribs

Loading the smoker

Finished rack

Ready to eat
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I was looking through your posts to see what other things you have done and found this one. I don't think this ever made the front page or else you would have gotten some comments. The ribs look great. I really like the looks of the rub. Since you are in Thailand I can only imagine all the great spices you have available. Why do you think the ribs turned so dark though? How was the flavor?
Thanks Padrefan, Dave and Soleman.

The ribs were absolutely fantastic, in fact I'm making three racks as I write this to serve tonight to my wife's employees (along with a pork butt).

You know you're right, there are great seasonings in Thailand, but for my first smoke I went with a tried and true rib rub I've been using on my gas grill with indirect heating for many years. The ribs come out much better in the smoker because I can maintain a much lower temperature (225 vs 270 on the grill).

The outside is dark because that's what happens when I smoke ribs for 4 hours :-) They did come out darker in the smoker than when I do them on the grill for two hours. I can tell you that the inside was tender, fall off the bone.

Next week I'll be doing another pork butt for another group. After that it's time for a brisket!

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