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Welcome to the forum Iman. Since you are a soon to be happy owner, you probably don't have a manual. Go to the Cookshack website and you will find additional recipes, cooking videos and Smokin's 101 tutorials. You can also get a bunch of info using the search function on breaking in your new Amerique...but I'd give the interior a quick wipe down with a vinegar and warm water mixture to cut any manufacturing residue. Get a large fatty cut of meat, add your favorite rub, two to three ounces of your choice of wood, set the controller to 225* and let her go. It's your choice to foil at temp, but on the first cook I'd not foil. This simple cook will give you something for comparison when you decide to make small changes to match your preferences. Good luck, you will like your new smoker.

Tried & true seasoning method...

Load the tray with 4-6 oz of wood. Set for 250 for 6-8 hrs.

Next step, find a pork butt with as much fat cap as possible. Set temp for 235 and figure on 75 minutes @ lb. Insert a probe and test for tenderness around 187.

Google Smokinokie's 101 tutorials. They're on the CS website but somewhat obscure.

Welcome to the forum. We're here to help.

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