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Hi "Smokin"et al-

I just started seasoning my new SM025 about 30 minutes ago.

I gave my old Cookshack which still works properly. It was a little tired after over 13+ years of service. One leg had a little Florida jungle rot(rust!)but a small rock became a fine prosthesis.

I have been a member of this forum for more years than I care to think about. It is a fine place to learn new tricks and get tips to make the Cookshack more fun to use.

The ribs and butts and briskets out of the old Cookshack were just as good recently as the first stuff I cooked. I only hope that the new cooker does as good a job!

Some ribs are going to get done tomorrow.

I will let you know how they came out.
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Smokin & Tom-
I never left this forum. Just did not comment much because you guys do such a good job.

Smokin- didn't you go away for a while?

Tom- can't kick like I used to, but I can still cook up a mess of good stuff in my little Smokette.

G Que- I retired an old Smokette, black and working great when she moved to my neighbor's yard.

Allow me some first impressions on the new CS vs. the old, since I just put a rack of St. Lois ribs in the new one:

1. I use the heavy duty Reynold's wrap foil. The new CS shape seems to be a more difficult size to cover the bottom with this foil? And, the space under the element makes it a bit more difficulf for an old fa*t like me put the foil down.
2. The wood box is easier to use,but I do not plan to clean it with water after each use (as per manual?). I just let the wood burn out on it's own.
3. I notice the manual says not to use the cooker in the rain. I never let that stop me with the old smoker! Maybe I will cover the brain box on top with something if the thing is not waterproof. Or are there other reasons for this warning in the guide?

Tom- I appreciate you sending the rain to us for dinner time now. Seems like this pattern just started when I decided to get the new CS?
I couldn't believe it when just about 4 hours into cooking my first ribs in the new CS, the power went off in my house (and, on the entire little island I live on). We found out it would take about 2+ hours to get electricity back, so, I left the ribs in the smoker.

My wife enticed me to take her to a very good little Japanese restaurant not far from us that still had power. A couple of Kirin Ichibans and a huge bowl of ramen noodle soup with Japanese BBQed pork loin in it(I have to find outhow the chef does this!)we went back home just a few minutes after the electrons came back.

The ribs which I had wrapped in foil after the third hour in the smoker were still quite hot when I opened the CS. I found that the 025 is designed to stay off after a power outage (should this be an on/off feature selectable by the "chef"???).

In a few minutes I am going to finish the ribs on my gas grill. Might even be better this way?
Hmmm... They must have changed things. My 020 automatically turns on if there was a power failure. A couple of times during the winter, I looked out the patio door and saw all the snow melted around the smoker. Looked at the display and sure enough, it was on. No idea how long it was on, but fortunately it's only a few cents a day to run it.
Andy- thanks for your comment about the behavior of your 020 smokers with power failures.

I am sure that my SM025 did NOT come on automatically after the power outage. A quick search of this forum about Cooshack behavior after power failure seems to give mixed results, and not all models are mentioned.

I wonder if a technical guru could clarify this Behavior for us- maybe a list of various models and their behavior if left plugged into an outlet with power on before an outage (and did I see a thread about some units powering on after being turned off but not unplugged from an outlet when power returned after an outage??).

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