I received my smokette elite the other day and am now seasoning it. I placed 4 ounces of wood and a small 4 lb. boston butt inside to help with the seasoning as suggested by John Shiflet in the Operator's manual. Everything seems to be working fine and the temperature is holding at 225*

My question: Can I eat the smoked butt when the seasoning process is done and the meat is cooked? It already smells pretty good.

As others have done, I thoroughly researched smokers and reviewed this forum before proceeding with the purchase of the Cookshack Elite. I'm really excited and feel like I've made a good decision. It's also great to see all the experience in this forum. All of you have already been a tremendous help.

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Well, the pork butt turned out delicious and I was merely seasoning the smoker. Problem is it took 8 hours to get the 4 pound butt to 170 degrees which is really too rare to be able to pull it apart. But I was able to pull it apart so the thermometer(which came with the elite) may be off or maybe it could have been resting in fat which could throw off the reading. From everything I read in the instructions and the forum it probably should have taken 6-8 hours to get to 195. I’m going to test the thermometer accuracy.

After dinner, I couldn’t stop nibbling on that stuff. Gooooood.
As you read more,you'll see that doneness/tender is not a linear line from cooker temp/weight/internal temp.

Think about a 1/2" slice, all across a large butt,seared in a 375º frypan,one minute on each side,to an internal of 200º.

You'd be lucky to cut it with a sharp knife,much less pull,or shred with a couple forks.

A couple hrs/lb might be more likely in 7-8 lb butts.

Just a couple thoughts.
Thanks Tom.

The 4 lb. butt took 8 hours and yet was still 30* short of target(200*). Will additional use and seasoning improve the cook time or is my smoker simply taking longer than one would normally expect? Might I still have a thermometer(provided by Cookshack) issue? For info, I didn't use an extension cord, and my elite's meter showed the smoker temperature consistently at 225*. I also kicked the temperature up to 250* for the last hour of cook time to get the meat temperature reading to 170*.


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