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Originally posted by cal:

I just got back from Sam's with a pack of butts, 4 chickens. I had to go to target and get a probe. I had to stop at Ace hardware for some Apple,Cherry,and some more Hickory.

I think this is just a growing thing. I was even looking at those big Knifes.

Is there a cure for this madness?

The first thing to do as an Addict is to admit the addiction.

You don't even KNOW how it can get. I started with a smokette and now have a 20' trailer and two FEC's with custom paint and an FE grill and...
Smokin', as usual you are correct. I have had my cs020 for almost 6 wks.The wife asked, for my birthday, if I would like to go eat at Red Lobster. Now I really like lobster,shrimp,crab legs.So now I ask myself why I told her that I would rather go to Sam's and buy some more big hunks of meat. I asked if this bothered her and not to my suprise she said that was fine that she enjoyed the fine smoke products that my cs produces.

If she would have only know she was fueling a burning fire that I may never be able to be exstinguish.

So I now admit that I'm ADDICTED to smoking with my cs020. I only want to know from my fellow members is this a short or long peroid of time to become addicted and has your wifes changed their minds after a peroid of time?
I bought a 55 then a few months later went to a fec because i couldnt get enough meat on the 55 to feed my addiction. Watch out it is contagious had a guy at work walk up to me shaking real bad kind of drooling asking me when i was cooking again. He didnt look so good either. Had to give him a piece of jerky to get him to calm down. CS should come with a warning.

Oh no shouldnt have said that someone might try and sue them for a few million bucks now, claim they cant work anymore for needing to feed the meat addiction.

Question can you eat so much meat you get meat poisoning. I swear i ate so much pulled pork the other day part of my soul died.

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