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Hello All,

A month or so ago my new friend "Cigarnv" Reid turned me on to the joys of home-smoked food via the best beef brisket that ever crossed my lips!

I vowed then and there I had to attack this hobby with a passion! So today I welcomed my new CS Model 55! It wasn't an hour before I had it plugged-in and started the seasoning process. Tomorrow I might get my first meal going with some thick boneless pork chops that I was about to saute (shame, shame, I know!).

I've been reading the forum quite a bit and am appreciative of all the great advice so freely disbursed. It's undoubtedly going to make my learning process go by quicker. And of course having Reid 20 minutes away is a nice thing too (grin).

I'm sure I'll have some questions soon but just wanted to say hello.

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I have to supplement this initial post with my first lesson that I just read about and now experienced first-hand!

After 2 hours I went down to check on my "seasoning" initial smoke only to find everything cold. Sure enough, the outside outlet has tripped somewhere along the line and I'm still looking for the silly re-set GFCI!! Thank God for extension cords....she's smokin' fine now!!
Originally posted by Smokin Joe Johnson:
I ran into the same problem initially - no outlet close to where I wanted to use my SM050...tried to use an extension cord and couldn't get a decent temp.

The longer the cord and too small a gauge, will affect the smoker. Needs to be heavy enough gauge to carry the load.
Shooter -- Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new addition to your family!

Just my opinion here but if you really want to season your new toy up right, grill those chops and smoke a pork butt instead. The more fat in that first smoke the better. I would imagine those chops are fairly lean. And too, the chops will tend to dry out quick even in the CS.

Not trying to discourage, just trying to help.

Good luck! Big Grin
I, too, own a Cookshack model 55. I do possess some knowledge of slow-smoking using wood/charcoal, but the electric smoker oven is quite new to me. In my experience, I tend to agree with Wheelz ... grill the chops (brine them first) and get a pork butt. Oh, one more thing ... I had severe temperature control troubles with an extension cord. Good luck.
Well I am pleased to say that in about 60 days Shooter has cleared the shelves of pork shoulder and brisket here in NoVa...LOL!! This boy can cook and has found willing taste testers in all his neighbors. It has become so bad that folks are wandering off the golf course he backs up to to find out where that great aroma is coming from..... and being the guy he is Shooter will toss them a few pulled pork sanwiches..true story!!

As for the temp situation as Smokin said you can use an extension cord as long as it is big enough to handle the draw. I have been using a 10 gauge 10ft cord with no ill effects for close to 2 years on my 55.

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