I just picked up a sm025 and already have started dreaming of tasty foods that will be made.

I just recently seasoned the smoker for 6hrs and already started to make a stand for it. I am hoping this Sunday I can try making several racks of ribs.

I am very excited to use this smoker. I am coming from a Webber Smokey Mountain smoker.

Below are some pics I have taken of my smoker chillin during the seasoning process and the new cart I started to make.

I will post more of my cart once I get farther along.
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Lookin' good, go for some PB on the first smoke!! Check out the Rib threads for some great ideas.
Welcome to the family!

You'll just love your CS in the winter time. I've cooked PBs and briskets when it was below zero and lots of snow , just like in your pic.

Have to agree with Mike, you've never experienced a PB like what the CS can produce.

If you run into any questions that the find button can't answer, just ask. We love to see posts with the pics and it looks like you've learned that part.

Congrats and welcome again!
I will definitely be looking forward to smoking a PB. I am really a big fan of porkettas with smoked peppers and unions. Like I said before I will post pictures of my cart when I make some more progress.
Welcome to your new addiction.

Don’t forget to check out Smokin Okie’s 101s

Keep the pictures coming
Well I got a little farther on my cart today. Got it all trimmed out.

This pic is of my rib rack and seafood rack in the rack slot. Wanted to see how well they fit.

Then with the cart all trimmed out.

First smoke! Doing two racks of pork ribs using the charcoal store rib racks.

I will post more pics of the finished product.
Nice cabinet! My spring project will be to make my SM020 a permanent home on the deck. Right now it goes in and out of the house.
Got it all varnished up and now I just get to wait for it to dry.

Soon it will be married with my sm025.

To cart is upside down as I wanted to varnish all the sides.
I finally got it done. I eventually will have bins that sit on the shelves.

Cant wait till Friday. I have the day off and going to smoke something.

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