I just finished priming my new stainless model 25 and have a couple of chickens smoking. I guess I was mislead on the Cabelas reviews I thought by paying more for the probe, you could set the temp on the panel to lower when it reached set probe temp. Is that possible? What info should a new owner know, that is not in the owners manual. What is the warranty? Do I need to register my product? Any suggestions would be great. I am new to smoking and spent a lot of time reading reviews before I bought a Cookshack smoker. I have read some info in this forum and see that their customer service is great. I almost bought a Treager. Sorry for posting that word here!!!
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The Elite doesn't have a hold temp but does have a probe to let you know the meat temp as it cooks. It won't drop down to a set 140* hold temp. Doing it manually is an option.
I'm not sure about the 25. I have a 66. When my temp probe reaches the set temp the smoker will kick down to 140.

Call Cookshack. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee. I am sure they will try to do whatever it takes to make you happy with your smoker
Even more questions now. The recipe book that comes with the smoker says to cook 2 chickens at 225 degrees for 3 hours. I'm on my 4th hour now and the probe is only reading 162. It is 35 degrees outside. Is this normal? The owners manual says no need to pre-heat the time on the recipe book is from start to finish,
Congrats on the new smoker and for a few of your questions.

Most would say that Smokin' has been kind and wrote some basic guides to get you started, check these out

Here is warranty registration. link

Here is where I would start reading. lessons for newbies

Now with all that said...WOW...slow down and enjoy your new toy. I have NEVER registered my warranty,oh well. I was taught not to go by the cookbook times.

Yep, most important I was taught to keep good notes on my cooks and ask this forum any questions that I was not able to find by using the find button that is located in the top left corner.

Oh, about that chicken, your doing fine!
35 degrees outside?!?! It's a heat wave! -4 over here. Is it normal? Yep. Recipes are relative, as Smokin' says, "It's done when it's done!" Barbecue is an art not a science. It takes a little while to figure things out, and like everyone says, take notes. That'll give you a better idea of times for future smokes. If you think it's taking too long, or you're in a time crunch, crank up the heat. But make a note of it so you remember what you did. All the smokers are made with the same components, but each one is a little different than the next.

Enjoy your new toy, soon you won't be able to go out for BBQ because what you can make at home far surpasses what you can probably get at the local "BBQ Joint".
Yor can try this, Cookshack told me to put the probe in after about half the cooking time has gone by .......i have overcooked a few items with the use of the probe reading under the actual meat tempature .........and I'm not sure why that is !
Pull the chicken. You didn't say where the 162 was, but if it's in the breast, you don't want to go longer without brining.

So, it's obviously done now, how did it come out?
(2) 4 lb. chickens took 6 hrs too cook. I put the probe in the breast. I pulled the chicken at 176 probe temp in the breast. I cranked up the temp to 250 at the 2.5 hr mark when the chicken was only at 150 degrees. It was a little over-cooked but still tasted good. I realize now that i should have probed it in the thigh or other dark meat. I oiled it up well and covered it in the CS spicy chicken rub, but it didn't have much flavor. Anyone tried to de-skin then rub? Thanks for all the replies and help. After a lot of reading I realize Its done when its done, but I thought with the quality of these and the 7000 degree insulation it would cook faster. Yes I am an A type.
Welcome to the worderful world of Cookshack, Jarrod.

Investing in a instant read thermometer would be a good idea. Aside from getting a quick and accurate temp you can use the probe to gauge the doneness of large meats, i.e. pork butts and briskets. Easy in and out (just a slight resistance) gives you a good read as to when the meat is done.

I've applied under-skin rub to chicken thighs...not sure it made any difference in taste...but hey, give it a shot. That's what Q'n is all about.
Might check out Smokin's brining101, it is a good way of getting flavor throughout the chicken and it gives a little cushion on the drying out of the bird.

I will use my fingers and pull back the skin and add rub under it. I will then use toothpicks to fasten the skin back down, but the rub still only seasons the outside part of the chicken. I've thought about using a creole mix and injecting the bird, but never seem to have gotten it done yet.

Like MaxQue said, lots of ways to do Q'n, that's the fun part to me.

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