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yes let me explain this wierdness in more detail. When I first got the unit got everything ready to season it. plugged it in came on at 190 or 200. I tried to push the up arrow to take to 220 and it would not go up. In fact it went down and the more I pushed the further it went down. All the way to the min 140. The element was working because the unit started heating up. I let it heat up to about 120, still unable to get the reading higher than 140. Turned it off and called CS the next day. They sent me a new controller and thermostat. I replaced the controller first and reading would still not go up past 200. I thought maybe the thermostat was bad. before I replaced in the unit I just plugged into the controller to make sure it would work. It took a second but as I pushed the up arrow it worked 205, 210 etc. I then did the replacement and put everything back together plugged it back in and guess what. Up arrow won't go higher only down. I am very frustrated. Maybe something else in the woring or a short. The heating element is working.

welcome to the forum.

What Cal is suggesting (good idea Cal), is that instead of threadjacking, start a new post so we can help you specifically. A lot of time, when you start a new subject inside a thread, it tends to go a new direction.

but we'll help you if we can.

first of all, don't worry about the Customer Service, they'll do whatever they have to do to make it right, even if that means shipping a new one out.

That fact that the same thing has happened the same way means it's a little weird.

I don't think it's the thermostat, because that has nothing to do with the temp you are setting (and seeing when it only goes up to a certain #), it sends the data for what temp you have.
Have you got that smoker working yet??? Please post if not because cs025 are newer models like my020, but different. We will need help from some of the cs025 owners.Hope your smoking.

I want all of you newbies to know that I have 2 pbs on right now and hope every fellow newbie is smoking or soon will be smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I broke my CS25 in on Saturday. I did a 6 1/2 brisket which I seasoned overnight. Started the briket at 7 AM with 2 ounces of hickory and two ounces of apple. It hit 190 at 5 PM.

I wrapped up the brisket and then put in some seasoned portabello mushrooms, beefsteak tomatoes halves, and Vidalia onions (with the centers cored out and melted butter in their centers). Smoked the veggies for 1 and 1/2 hour with 2 ounces of hickory.

The brisket & veggies were perfect and my guests were ecstatic. My only problem was that with the CS025 I really didn't have to do much. It was just too easy.
Come on Newbies there has to be more of you smoking this weekend!!!!!!

Here is my report.
I bought 2 PBs from Sams total weight 15.5lbs. I had in refig over night still in cryo, toke them out yesterday at 4pm, washed and pat dry. I put cs rib rud and a little chicken rub.I put in frig 1 hr.Off to the smoker(cs020). I put 2oz cherry 2oz hickory.I had my 3 probes checked in boiling water with 1* of each other,I put 2 in one pb and the other in other pb.
I started cs on 200* until meat hit140* then set cs on 225* for the remander of smoke.
Everthing seemed fine untill this morning. The
alarm that was set at 190 went off.I had readings of 180,183,191. Now two or three weeks ago I would have freaked out,but with my good notes of 2 previous PB cooks I didn't blink a eye.Thinking for myself I decided to rely on what I had learned,trust my notes and cooker.
It sure paid off I let everything go without opening my little black box(cs020). When the one PB that was behind hit 193*, the other 202* I opened door, that was sure a pretty sight. One PB bone had a lot of give to it,the other a little firmer.I poke and probed was happy, my readings was from 193*-205*.
I then FTC for 1hr my buddy came for his with a cooler.I gave him the 205* PB and kept the other for myself. I had cheap buns and really good pb.

I'm starting to understand why Newbies need to keep it simple. That is to have some reliable notes for reference.Next time I will add more rub before I start,maybe just a little more wood.
Got my 025 for Christmas, cooked two Boston butts this weekend, started 9:00 pm Friday night at 160, bounced it up to 225 before I went to bed. One came out at 1:00 pm Saturday at 194 Degrees, the other at 3:30 at 192 degrees. Foiled both, wrapped in towels, and put on a shelf in the oven. Made some homemade Potato salad and had a wonderful dinner. That makes 3 Butts with no issues. Also cooked some Jerky last weekend, was ok but nothing to write home about, made another batch this weekend, much improved. Have a bacon kit from HM coming Monday, MM MM Good.

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