Went to preheat my CS SM040 for a pastrami and I'm getting nothing. The display doesn't light and I'm not getting any heat. My last cook went perfect, a whole pork belly cooked for several hours with out incident. After I was finished I went through the usual shut down routine of unplugging, letting the CS cool and covering with the cover. This unit sits in my garage so water isn't an issue.
I'm using a known good outlet, verified that that the breaker isn't tripped and even tried another non GFCI outlet. Same results-no power at the control panel.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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Just got off the phone with Bill @ CS. He's sending a replacement harness out today. Can't say enough good things about the crew at Cookshack. Things are going break every now and then. It's good to know there's a team like these guys behind the product when it happens.

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