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Well, depends on if it's Prime or not.

A LOT of places, dare I say about 98% of them sell "standing rib roast" as Prime rib. But ask them the grade of the meat and 1) they don't know or 2) it's not prime.

Prime grade is expensive as I've seen a couple of places on the internet for the real stuff and a 7bone rib is over $150. Raw.
Most good supermarkets in the NE sell "choice" graded rib roasts .
In fact most butcher shops and large markets
sell "choice"graded exclusively.
An exception is the WalMart super center which sells "select" grade beef which is no better than milk cow and no bargain.
True "Prime" grade beef has been eaten by few as it is in limited supply and largely reserved for better restaurants where a steak will run at least $75-100 without so much as a salad or baked potato.
If one knows properly marbled beef, "choice" graded beef can be found hereabouts that is superb for $7-9 per pound.
The grader grades the carcass not the cuts which are done later so great beef is available to a practiced eye.
Costco has choice standing rib roasts for $7.50 per lb. Boness about $1 more.

Mr. Jig, what fine steak houses sell is not just prime beef, but dry-aged, prime beef. A lot of that price comes from the dry aging and weight loss due to moisture reduction and trimming.

And it's worth every penny.
No steak, anywhere, is worth $100. Really? For 1 steak? I think I can beat that at Outback. Their 'prime rib' is $18, blackened with spices and med rare, and melt in your mouth tender and scrumptious. It includes salad, 2 of choice of several sides, unlimited black bread. The Outback in Sherwood, AR and the one in Cordova, Tn are standouts.

Dennis Ut.
You are of course correct dry aging contributes to the quality and price.
I age beef in my refer on a rack loosely covered in waxed paper.

That outback meat is good CHOICE grade "prime rib" which has come to be the generic
for rib roast.
As to no steak being worth $100,what you mean is.... to you.
Very sensible.
Perhaps you misunderstood me as well.
I could buy $100 steaks week after week without financial strain but i don't, because i was raised on self shot Woodchuck and i have a finely honed sense of value!
It's all relative.
I prefer GOOD simple grub no matter what i can afford.
My son has introduced me to some of the pricier items on exclusive NYC menu's and trust me they ARE better than i can cook or buy elsewhere.
Still, when one has been reared in the dogpatch mode the transition to Kobi beef
is about impossible and Kobi makes USDA prime taste like milk cow.
The difference is "worth it" to him but not to me.
I do however acknowledge the quality difference.
I don't mind spending money for the experience.

A lot of times the experience helps us understand what we have and appreciate even more..... a good 20 dollar cuban cigar makes me enjoy a great 4 dollar Dominican cigar even more.

I've eaten in great sushi resaurants.... it helps me pick out better local cheaper places and helps me in my hobby as a sushi chef.

How many people out there are using a 50 dollar smoker saying "I'll never spend 800 dollars on a smoker... it can't be that good"

I'm getting ready to by some type of standing rib roast....

Lordy,i fear you think i was referring to YOU or others on the forum as living in dogpatch mode.
I was referring to myself.
I literally fed my Grammy, brother and aunt on critters bagged with my 22, caught or gigged in the creeks or midnight requisitioned from fields or orchards.
From age 8 to 15 we lived meal to meal without electric,no flush toilet,pitcher pump for water etc.
I am the one who still finds the transition
to better things difficult.
It was not my intention to talk down to anyone nor to lecture anyone on beef...

I can see how someone MIGHT THINK i was referring to others in my post but you can read it... as it was meant with another try.
I do think that my being currently from NY
is looked upon with some suspicion.
So be it.
I'm qualified to redneck it with the best!!
Sorry if anyone here misinterpreted my post.

I apologize for the speed and fierceness of the accusation. I have deleted my somewhat hateful post in hopes of salvaging the harmony of this great forum and our comraderie. I am sincerely sorry I misunderstood. I hope you accept.

Let's get back to thinking about how good our next cooking experience is gonna be!
I've eaten Kobe beef in Tokyo and dry-aged porterhouse steaks in the best of the US steakhouses. Sure, I can cook up a steak at home that will be better than most steakhouses (as we all can), but every now and then I like to splurge. I think I deserve it! Smiler

As for price, I don't know where jig's eating, but you can spend almost half that for a prime, dry-aged porterhouse at Peter Luger in NYC that feeds two. Peter Luger, btw, is arguable the best steak house in the US.

You can go to chains like Ruth's Chris and get a mediocre steak at an over inflated price. But you get what you deserve when you go to a chain.

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