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Hey Y'all,
I posted this on over on the National BBQ News forum and just thought I'd cover my bases and post this here:

Headed to N. Carolina to visit some family, namely my good ol' dad. Haven't seen him in 5 years so I'm looking forward to the trip. I will be flying into Charlotte and he lives in Jamestown, near Greensboro (sp??) anyway, there ain't NO WAY IN HEAVENS NAME I'm gonna miss out on some good Carolina que....question is what's good? what's not so good? and what's the absolute BEST in town?? I'll have a car and I will have a weeks time to explore (or actually a few days less after the family 'reunion' wares off) and I've been know to drive well over 100 miles each way if it means good barbecue. I'm a new competitor, won a few awards with my meat and I'm simply obsessed with bbq.

Truth be told I'm not too interested in those big fancy shmancy corporate places where the servers are scripted and uniformed, I'm sure their fine for some but not for me, I'm also not interested in fancy side dishes either, I want bbq'd meat and lots of it. OK, ok, hush puppies and maybe a hunk of pie somewhere but that's it...I'm in it for the bbq.

So where can I go?

Thanks so much,

Pants on Fire BBQ
Saucy Girls BBQ
Portland Oregon
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