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Well, I got my 008 this week and took a big risk and invited 2 families (11 total) over for ribs 'n such last evening for the 1st meat out of the box.

Picnic in the backyard, great side dishes prepared by all - great evening...just a little pressure. In fact one family had experienced my Brinkman/Water ribs which were always great....The pressure was definitely ON!!

The ribs were the HIT...amazed at how moist and flavorful they were.

On a roll...Immediately after dinner, I stuffed 2 Bostons in the CS to cook overnight. I think I'm going to like this!

Thanks to all of the great insights on the board. It's easy to be an apprentice with such knowledge and enthusiasm.
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Jim, I've never over-smoked a butt and went as much as six oz hickory. Might bump iit up a tad next time.

I don't understand how your butt could have been dry. Did you open the door at all during the cook?

Have you checked your probe for accuracy? Smoked many a butt here and never had one dry.

Go over the details of your smoke. Maybe we can help ya out.
Originally posted by HooSmoker:
Thanks Wheelz for the thoughts...
I will check that probe for accuracy. It is a new electronic one and this was my first experince with it. Do you have a recommendation for verifying accuracy?

Jim -- Test the high and low. Water boils at 212˚ and water freezes at 32˚. Boil a pan of water and check it out. Stick your probe in a glass of crushed ice or press it into an ice cube and it should read 32˚.

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