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Roadfood did a post on Daisy May's BBQ in NYC.

Daisy May's

Adam Perry Lang is a classically trained chef,a KCBS comp team,and I believe the head chef for the National Pork Council.

He has cooked on America's Iron Chef and cooked with our own drbbq,Ray Lampe.

He is always happy to see and help bbq cooks,and gracious to a fault.

Although,he has had his carts out in the city for several years,he now also has a fixed location for carryout and some outside seating.

Here is Adam's website,in case any of ya'll are in the "big city".

Daisy May's

I have no personal connection with Adam,except thru the bbq circuit.
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I think Paul Kirk's ,designed joint there,R.U.B.,[Righteous Urban BBQ] gets about $90 for a small butt,a small pitcher,and a couple mugs.

The plastic forks and knapkins are included,but not the NYC taxes.

I'm thinking that is at lunch,when it is cheap?

Of course rent is a little steeper than you and I pay in east Ky/Tn. Eeker
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LOL! If I could get away with selling BBQ sammiches around here for 10.50 and Brisket sammiches for 11.50 I wouldn't even worry about my startup costs on my restaurant! Big Grin

Being a contractor I'm always for getting as much as you can so long as the customer knows up front. That way they have a phonebook full of people to call if they don't like your pricing. He has his prices right on the menu so more power to him.

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