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It has been awhile since I competed so I am quite surprised about the obsession with exact same size and shape that people go to for their chicken presentation. I saw on BBQ Pitmasters that Myron Mixon uses cup cake forms to make sure each piece is exactly the same.

Just when this this come about? It used to be if they looked good, weren't burnt, nice color etc you did fine. Now it seems they need to be totally uniform to get a decent appearance score.
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Look at it this way, it's all about appearance.

Feel free to go with what you know because regardless of what the say, a lot of the judges aren't telling what and why they scored. I think a few comments on TV aren't always representative.

Show me a photo and I'll judge it for you. I try to judge "as presented" but when you get some chicken that is obviously mis-matched, it does distract.

Difference between a 7 and a 9 possibly.

From day one I've been trimming them consistent so they would all cook together. The advantage for me was I had that for appearance already taken care of.
Smokin' is a fine comp chicken cook and a certified bbq judge,so it is good advice.

Most folks recommend to present what you do best.

That said,in large KCBS cookoffs,there are a lot of fine chicken cooks.

When categories may be won by a 100 th of a point -out of 180,you need to find a way to make six thighs stand out.

Some folks may mix the pieces, or do six of a couple pieces,shred chicken,etc.

Fl BBQ Assoc now scores for "presentation"[not appearance]-kinda like Iron Chef on TV. Eeker

Like Smokin said,they also may have different rules,etc.

Also, Myron is possibly the best whole hog cook around.

He is arguably one of the best pork cooks around.

He does very well in the MIM all pork competitions.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Originally posted by Smoked-out:
I was watching a BBQ Pitmaster show at my Mothers house and she said, looks like they focus more on looks than taste.

It's reality TV. But yes, it's one of three parts of the score.

If you want to win, you have to be consistent in all 3 parts.

I lost almost $4000 dollars in a big contest by finishing 3rd overall instead of RGC by POINT 0002. That sucks especially when one point different in any appearance score would have helped. But it was still a great payday.
Like Smokin' said,it may be the conversation.

Most sanctioning organizations weight the scores in each category.

Thus, KCBS/FBA and many organizations that follow the KCBS might be weighted like this:

Appearance 1/7
Texture 2/7
Taste 4/7

Some of the Tx folks might be equal weighted:

Smokin' might be able to give it better.


Once again,a TV show could be anything they like. Roll Eyes

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