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I ran a search and maybe I am not terming it correctly. I am trying to locate a reputable, moderately priced online butcher/meat market.
I have found Lobels of New York and they are too expensive-fancy. I also found Allen brothers and Neiman's Ranch both are also too expensive. 8lb pork butt at Neimans is $38 approximately without shipping. That works out to $5-6 a pound with shipping. Anybody out there have any good luck out there around the $2-$3 dollar a pound?
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I don't think you will find any source online where you could get butts shipped to you at a total price of meat plus shipping for $2-3 per lb. The shipping costs are the killer every time.

I take it you don't have a Sam's close by. Won't a local supermarket get them in for you? Talk to the meat dept. manager. You might have to buy a case at a time but get yourself a dedicated deep freeze and freeze what you don't need this time.
Yep,all them box stores got plenty.

Winn-Dixie is HQ outa there.

When they are running any kind of pork sale,they get plenty cases of 2 pk butts.

Ask the meat manager and you may even get non injected butts,when they are runnin' a special.

They beat Sam's,occasionally.

Wally World may even have non injected choice packers,although they usually are Excels.

Price could beat Sam's.

All their pork will be pumped.

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