Well Smokin With your help I think I have ribs and pork butts down now I have to get my chicken down. I cook breast quarters and leg quarters. any advice?

Thank's Bigdaddy
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Glad to be of help.

Go to the "beginners" forum to the

Brining 101

I highly recommend brining. Makes more of a difference on white than dark, but it's good for both.

Keep in mind, white dries out fastest and only needs to be cooked to 161, dark is juicy and is done at 180. Don't ask my why, I just works that way, and I can't remember all my notes on poultry, but those are the temps I shoot for.

Best thing to remember, whether you do parts, or whole birds, or turkey or whatever, the white gets done quicker than the rest.

And make sure you try thighs, that's what many people use for competition cooks. Stays moister and holds the smoke well.

Also, if you've got different wood, try it. I like Pecan and Apple for poultry.

That should be enough to get you started and others to chime in with some great ideas.

Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

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