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I received a CS cookbook as a gift sometime ago. I decided to try the swordfish recepie page 101. MMMMMMMGOOOD! fresh swordfish,olive oil, salt & pepper. peel an orange soak the rind in water. 2oz. apple wood (my idea) and the orange rind. One hour @180-200*. BIG HIT. I had some friends over who "dont like fish". couldn't tell it by the way they ate.
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Hi there,

Here is a real simple recipe for salmon you might want to try...

Next time try an orange juice and bbq sauce (any bbq sauce) with a pinch of ginger, stir in a sauce pan and reduce (perform a reduction).

Baste salmon before you put it in smoker...smoke for about 2 hours at about 200 F with a little applewood or any fruitwood. Right before you take it off baste again and allow it to glaze.

My wife who doesnt care for Salmon will eat seconds...

Since your in Italy, you should be able to get your hands on some citrus woods also to try smoking with...

Preston D

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