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Local store had "choice" grade at $1.99lb, so picked up a 9.7 pounder without too much of a fatcap. Was a very nice cut. Left in longer than normal, only because I got busy doing other things. Smoked overnight, approx 18 hours.

In all it's glory.........

And finally cut. Notice the flat is just crumbling. Still made for good eats.
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I was just wondering if it took 12 hours to reach your internal meat temp goal or if you just time-smoked it for 12 hours before foiling it? 18 hours seems like a very long time.

Check out �Tom�s� comments on the �optimum internal temp for brisket� on this forum. He ranges from 185-205. I shoot for 193-195 then foil and hold @ 140. Perhaps you had a remote temp probe and, as you say, just got busy with other things. We live and learn�..each one gets better. And the worst �Q� I ever had was pretty darn good.


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