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Welcome to the forum.

I'm sure someone will hope in with ideas for you.

I'd also suggest a search for this. Clink on the link just above the text window label "search". In there type Oyster and select all open forums. You'll get replies, but there are two in the seafood archives that should help.

Again, welcome to the forum


I like to smoke them on the half shell. They're a convenient little container and it makes for a nice presentation.

Shuck your oysters and pour off the juice (save it for a sauce or stock). Paint a bit of your favorite sauce on each. I like to use a KC style. I find just a splash of worcestershire is good too. If you want them sauceless just use olive oil. Smoke at 180 F. They're done quickly, about 45 minutes.
I agree with Joseph except for the pouring off of the liquor. That's part of what makes sucking down a nice oyster delicious for me.

And if you just scrub up the oysters and DON'T shuck them, you can lay them in whole, bowl side down, and let the smoker's heat open them up for you. PERFECT.

They're done just as soon as the edges start to curl.

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