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Depends upon the contest organization. KCBS is different than IBCA (Texas).

Usually it's slices, and at least 6 or more (7 in Florida?) Always from the flat.

In KCBS, some add burnt ends, some add chopped.

In Texas, don't add anything.

Can't speak to Florida.

MIM doesn't do brisket.
We've only done 2 contests. Our first one, we thought the brisket was way overcooked. We had to look for a part that could be sliced without tearing apart. Jack managed to slice 8 fairly thin slices. In FBA contests you must turn in at least 8 separate pieces of brisket in the box. We had parts of the flat and point in there. I remember us making sure the brown was at the top and I kind of fluffed it up and rippled it a little so it did look pretty after all. No garnish allowed in FBA. We wound up finishing 2nd with a brisket that Jack would have thrown away if I hadn't pitched a fit!
Our 2nd contest we didn't do near as well. The brisket wasn't falling apart, was a little tough I thought. The slices (we had 6 to turn in with garnish because it was KCBS) were prettier, but our scores still weren't as high on appearance as the box with the ruffled up slices in the first contest.

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