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wtg craig!!!!!!!!!!!
since we finally located and got 2 generators ( a special thanks to bill and the dixie chicks for calling 2 hours before the power went off all the way from chattanooga tenn and cadilliac for locating the other unit in hicksville ny) we are going to do our best to make the minnieola cookoff at the end of the month.
hope to meet you there
again congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Greyhounds....SMOKIN!!!!
I thought Grant had been cancelled???? Could you send me a message about how to send in an application or dates or something? I've been lifting generators a lot the past week. You'll probably recognize me as either the Great Hulk of BBQ or the wilted lady underneath the Honda generator!

It was postponed.

It will be the last weekend in Oct.

It will be the same address,contacts,etc. that you had for Grant in late Sept.

Robin said there were about 28 teams ,plus the locals.

It has been accorded state championship by the governor.

It will now be under KCBS rules,rather than FBA.

Basically that will mean garnish in the box.

A minimum of six pieces,rather than eight,in the box.

A half hour between turn ins,rather than a full hour.
Unfortunately, the professional contest at Grant has been cancelled for this year. They tried their best to put the site back together for the contest but it just was not meant to be. But it will be back next year.

I can't tell you how much I will miss this contest this year. But the team of Craig Kimmel, Tom Lowe and myself will be back soon.


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