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I buy a lot from Penzeys and almost everything is very good. However, I find the mixes that contain salt to be too salty for my tastes. The sausage mixes especially. If I buy a mix from Penzey, I now opt for the ones that are salt-less and add salt to taste. The bulk spices are terrific and the herbs are almost as good (thyme can be a bit woody--but I buy it anyway).

Originally posted by WISmokinBear:
I really like Penzeys English Prime Rib Rub.

Now see, I tried that and wasn't a fan but then we all have different taste buds and methods. I think the granules were too small and when I smoked a PRIME rib, just didn't get enough taste. For PR I like a bigger granule, something like a Montreal steak seasoning.

I've used Penzey's for years, but there are about 3 or 4 more that I use also. Really depends on what you want.

I don't buy blends any more. When I'm buying, I'm usually just buying bulk spices to make my own. Haven't yet been in one of their stores, I've only bought online.
Penzey's is an excellent operation. Fresh spices at fair prices. In my opinion, a slightly better store is called the Spice House. This business is run by the daughter of the now retired founder of Penzy's, Mr. Penzey.Her bother is Bill Penzey who now runs Penzy's. She is trying to keep her business less corporate. I think Spice House, being more Mom and Pop, has fresher spices at comparable prices.They do mail order business and you can check themn out at I don't work for them but am a happy customer.
Originally posted by redoakNC:
[QUOTE]In my opinion, a slightly better store is called the Spice House.

I agree. They're both good resources, but given the option, I would go with Spice House.

I'm lucky in that there is a Penzey's store 2 blocks from one of my offices, and a Spice House store about 15 minutes from my home. As such, most of my shopping is based upon convenience.

For online shopping, Spice House seems to have a better and more manageable website.

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