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Has anyone tried these instead of the wood chunks? I bought a bag to try, doing a dry run now, smoke smells good, will see how long they last. 7 bucks a bag of 24 pucks, and no they will not work in a bradley..

set at 225

165 degrees now and tons of smoke, even a lot coming around the door, which I dont usually have.

1 hour in, less smoke, still more smoke than chunks.

About 2.5 hours, still smoking, about as much as chunks now, still lots of puck left, turned off and heading to bed
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Just a comment on "smoke"

What you want is less white smoke and more pure smoke. Watch that with these while it's smoking.

White smoke is white because it's carrying a lot of impurities. Same goes for soaking wood, it smolders and creates more smoke, but not good smoke.

The best is actually clear and/or blue.
Originally posted by Pags:
bubbasz1. Hey. In your neck of the woods you can use the Petersonpucks to play a little ice hockey until warmer weather comes around. Many uses for those things. Big Grin

My wife played for over thirty years and both my son and daughter played. I bet I have enough sticks laying around I could field a team or two. I don't think they would hold up to my wife's or my son's slap shot but would probably get a good laugh out of it anyways.
First, Cookshack's woods and pellets are 100% pure, food grade wood. Nothing else, no flavorings, no dangerous chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides, nothing at all except wood.

I looked at the website for this product and it does not say what they are made of. Here's what it says:

"Our products are 100% natural, no binding or release agents are used"

100% natural what? Go to their website -- I could not find one statement that these pucks are made of wood! In fact, I could not find a list of the contents of these things anywhere on the website.

I would not eat anything that was not smoked with 100% pure wood and you should not either.

I am closing this thread because I don't want people thinking that Cookshack approves of the use of questionable smoking materials.
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